Vivero La Ceiba Loreto

Who are we?

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Is to offer comprehensive solutions for planning, construction, design and development of Projects being recognized for our passion in the services we provide, the quality, the price and the responsibility in all the works that we carry out.


Vivero la Ceiba Loreto was founded in October 2008, due to the bankruptcy of the Loreto Bay EcoScapes Company, provider of all services of gardening, as well as supply of plants, the rescue of wildlife and landscape architecture By that time, TSD Loreto Bay has no answer from the people of gardening services, leaving a large emptiness within the development.


Meanwhile, Mr. Aristides Hernández (Cone) worked the maintenance of the gardening for Loreto Bay homes, and doing the third courtyard project like the one in lots FN 384 209, 210, 189,522, among other courtyard landscape architecture projects. When Loreto Bay knew of great acceptance of the home owners to the mini company, Loreto bay decided to hire Aristides (Cone), to do the gardening of the sub regime F and compare it with the gardening of sub regime E2 and part of sub regime E1, which was being built by Santa Anita nursery.


At the end of 2008, the duo of friends Sergio Arce son of Don Vicente Arce and Aristides Hernandez, formed the company called Grupo VLC SA de CV, and bought the franchise of La Ceiba nursery, the two young entrepreneurs opened two nurseries, one in the city of La Paz and the other one in Loreto, which until today is doing the continuous improvement of the beautiful development called Loreto Bay.


To offer comprehensive solutions for planning, construction, design and development of projects, being recognized for our passion in the services we provide and the quality, price and responsibility in all the work we carry out.


To become a recognized company both locally and in the national and international market. What distinguishes us is our commitment to our clients and the personalized attention, ensuring the success of our clients’ projects while being environmentally friendly.


  •  Be Professional
  •  Be Resilient
  •  Be innovative
  •  Be Creative

Projects that are being carried out

  • Flagstone collation on walkways. S
  • Golf course perimeter
  • 146 fountain design and construction
  • Gardening construction design av 19
  • Source maintenance, Design and construction of entrance to 01
  • Demolition and construction of walkways ub I, A, K, E2, B, D and E1
  • Landscaping houses 132, 131 and 135
  • Gardening of 121

Important clients

  • Asocia, who are the administrators of Loreto Bay.

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